Spare parts

LWKB original spare parts guarantee you the long-term reliable use of your bottom seam welding machines. 

High-quality parts are the basis for the reliable and long-standing use of machines in industrial/commercial applications.  In order to be able to supply you with these high-quality spare parts, we only use first-class materials for their manufacture or source them from carefully selected suppliers.

In this way, we are able to meet both your and our own demands for an overall product of the highest quality. Each individual part is perfectly matched to the overall structure of your product.

The supply of spare parts naturally depends on the age of the machine and the control technology used. In the following our delivery possibilities in detail:


Seamless supply of spare parts is guaranteed for all our machines built from 2008 onwards (AMK control).

We can supply mechanical spare parts for our machines built from 1996 onwards.

Electronic spare parts for our machines with Omron control can be offered with restrictions from the year of manufacture 1999, but should be requested from us for safety reasons.

For the time before year of construction 1998 we do not offer support for electronics.

Special machine construction

No matter what challenge you face - we design according to your requirements and manufacture your individual bottom seam bag machine.

We are happy to meet customer-specific requirements for the machine or the end product to be produced.

Due to a high vertical range of manufacture we guarantee our customers an individual production with a high-quality standard.

Benefit from almost 50 years of experience in the bottom seam sector. There is hardly a requirement that we have not met in these years.

We will be happy to advise you and help you to achieve an optimum production result.


Every machine in industrial production has a need for spare and wear parts over time. And only through regular and preventive maintenance is trouble-free, safe and long-lasting operation possible.

In contrast to a repair, our "inspections" are designed to prevent damage in advance. Our specialised technicians put your machine through its paces and draw up a test report and, if necessary, carry out preventive repairs.

Thus, we guarantee highest production and thus also cost security.


We strive to keep not only our employees up to date with the latest developments in our products, but also our customers.

We are happy to train your employees on site or at our headquarters.

Highly productive bottom seam machines paired with well-trained employees are the recipe for a smooth and productive manufacturing process.


The LWKB service technicians repair bottom seam bag machines and accessories. Depending on the customer's requirements, either on site or at our factory. Our extensive know-how enables us to also repair " third-party machines" from a certain age/generation. Talk to us!