Hole punching

Electromagnetic hole punches

With the electromagnetic hole punch you can punch PE, BOPP, PP and many more into the running material webs, whereby speeds of up to 130 metres per minute are possible depending on the material.

The punches are driven by special high-performance magnets. The stations can be offered in different widths (20mm-120mm). In addition, the lateral hole spacings can be quartered by connecting up to 4 perforated beams (electronically synchronized) in series.


Path speed: up to 130m/min

Number of strokes: Up to 60 strokes/sec, depending on magnet design

Hole pattern positioning via photo marks (photo cell)

Programmable logic controller with high-quality touch screen

Matrix control (avoidance of holes in the print image)

Infinitely variable impact strengths (depending on material)

36 Program hole memory (can be called up via table)

Photo mark blanking for suppressing interference marks