OUR "ORIGINAL" - Innovative technology and quality, the result of many years of cooperation with our customers!


For almost 50 years now we have been building the standard in the field of bottom-weld-machines. We are sure that we are not unaware of any conceivable requirements for use. Highest quality components, excellent craftsmanship, as well as a thoroughly tried and tested design ensure absolute reliability, longevity and a consistently high quality of the end products produced.

Do you have special requirements for your end product? Talk to us, we are sure we can present the right solution.

LWKB bottom-weld-machines, often copied, always unmatched.


Our corporate philosophy

The clear vision is the basis of our entrepreneurial actions.


LWKB is the global technology and system partner for industrial, mechanical processing of plastic films. Our aim is to lead innovation and technology for the benefit of our customers.

LWKB stands for highest product reliability and customer satisfaction. LWKB is always a fair and reliable partner for its customers, suppliers and employees. The high level of customer satisfaction results from the fact that we are able to react flexibly to customer requirements and implement appropriate solutions reliably.

LWKB sees itself as a solution provider for various technical requirements in industrial plastic film processing.

Terms such as quality, adherence to delivery dates, customer proximity and solution competence are not just words for LWKB, but the core of our corporate philosophy.

History of LWKB

  • 1971
    Mr Egon Laumen and Mr Heinrich Wagner jointly found ELWA Plastikmaschinenbau GmbH.
    Until the early 80s construction of bottom seam bag and shirt carrier bag systems in working widths up to 1300mm (bottom seam) and 1150mm (shirt carrier pockets)
  • 1975
    Extension of the product range by EL-B-ST machines
  • 1983
    Expansion of production by construction of a new assembly hall
  • 1986
    EL-B-FA-1300 System with fully automatic folds
  • 1986
    Expansion of the production area by construction of a new assembly hall
  • 1988
    Development of the EL-B-GR-1300 machine for very narrow bags 50 years of LWKB
  • 1991
    Development of the EL-B-GR-1300-2 machine with integrated tear-off perforation and blocking
  • 1992
    Extension of the production area by new building of a warehouse
  • 1992
    Conversion to servo technology
  • 1993
    Expansion of the production possibilities through the acquisition of a modern CNC milling machine
  • 1994
    EL-B-FA-1600-S modified for bag production up to 3000mm long
  • 1996
    Conversion to new welding and cutting system and ergonomic adaptations
  • 1997
    Integration of tape blocking and tear-off perforation in the 1600 machine series
  • 1998
    Change of ownership
  • 1999
    Introduction of modern 2-D CAD systems
  • 1999
    Conversion of the machine control system to a high-performance industrial PLC
  • 2001
    New development of the EL-B-FA-1600-SLC with economy-blocking
  • 2002
    Introduction of 3-D Cad to optimize the design of machines
  • 2008
    Conversion of the machine control system to more energy-efficient drives and state-of-the-art industrial PC controls
  • 2009
    Market launch of angle welding / block bottom system on the BN1600
  • 2010
    Resumption of machine sales to the USA
  • 2013
    change of name to LWKB Langer Weher Kunststoffmaschinen Bau GmbH
  • 2017
    Development of a tray with 2-fold folding for machines with needleless clamping
  • 2018
    Development of large-capacity unwinding systems for the film and printing industry
  • 2019
    Extension of the production possibilities by CNC milling machine with 3500mm table length
  • 2021
    We celebrate our 50th anniversary.
    50 years the expert for bottom weld machines and accessories of all kinds