LWKB bottom-weld-machines

The "all-rounder" among the bottom-weld-machines BN-1600-ECO-SV/BV

LWKB bottom-weld-machines are the epitome of reliability, high productivity, energy efficiency and universality.

Benefit from a wide range of products for industrial and consumer-oriented applications.

The possibilities are manifold:

Single or multi-lane production, fold insertion, angle welding, blocking, punching and/or perforation, longitudinal separation welding, as well as user-friendly, productivity-increasing unwinding systems.

Our bottom-weld-machines meet the highest safety standards.

State-of-the-art, highly dynamic servo drives use braking processes for energy recovery. Thus, it is possible to save up to 15 % energy compared to earlier systems. By using LWKB bottom-weld-machines you conserve resources and reduce energy costs sustainably.

User-friendly control technology enables constant performance even with frequently changing operating personnel. All parameters are recorded via touch screen, checked for logic and transferred to the control system. Store up to 100,000 recipes in the job memory for lightning-fast format changes during operation.

Technical data BN-1600-ECO-SV/BV*:

Working width1550 mm
Bag lengthminimum 180 mm
maximum 3000 mm (3500 mm)
Film thicknessminimum 2 x 8 μm HDPE
maximum 4 x 180 μm LDPE
Cycle speedMaximum 220 Cycles / Minute
Path speedMaximum 150 m / Minute


Equipment variants:

Standard ECO version    
Economy blocking(SV)
Tape blocking / tear-off perforation (BV)
Combination savings & band blocking(SV-BV)
with electromotive punching bridge for punching suspension holes(BV)
Economy perforation(SP)