LWKB processing-systems


Increase the productivity of your LWKB bottom-weld-machine or other film processing machines of the brands Günter/ELWA, Lem, AVOR, Limax, Viara, Hudson Sharp, Stiegler, W&H, MACTEC and many more.

Take advantage of the maximum number of cycles that can be achieved by using our unwinders.

Our unwinders are available as carrier roll unwinders, surface unwinders, spiral unwinders or multifunction unwinders (carrier roll unwinders and surface unwinders in one).

Increase your productivity by using "larger" film rolls, produce up to 5 webs, let yourself be professionally supported by our hydraulic roll lifting and our pneumatic shafts at the surface unwinder during roll change.

The possibilities are manifold - contact us. 


Technical data (surface unwinder):

  • Hydraulic roll lifting
  • Pneumatically expanding winding shafts made of aluminium
  • 2-lane version also 1-lane usable
  • Max. Roll width 2 tracks approx. 720 (with BZF 750mm)
  • Max. Roll width 1 lane approx. 1700 mm
  • Film throughput: 150m / min
  • Weight. Approx. 1100kg
  • Installation dimensions: h/b/l approx. 1500mm/2500mm/2200mm
  • Electrical connection: 3×400V + PE 10A Fuse protection
  • Own control panel at the unwinder:
    - Start/Stop operation
    - error message
    - Speed regulation via dancer
  • Forward/reverse operation
    - Operation Hydraulic lifting/lowering
    - Individual operation of unwinding motors Lifting/lowering
    - main switch