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10-11/2016 New LWKB products at the K-Show 2016

Our News from the K-Show 2016:

personalized printing up to 300m/min with our ink-jet-system,

our new machine LWKB BMF1400
a needless bottom weld machine with folding table – very effektive in production,

our new roll to roll module LWKB RM2 to produce bag`s on roll on machines produced by LWKB and the former company name,

printing in a side gusset – more printing area for your customer,
we have the technology to do it.

Don`t hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions.

01/2016 New products in 2016

Welcome 2016
We will have a new Bottom Weld Machine
We will have two new unwinders in our LWKB Unwinder System
Some more informations will follow next time …